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Documents can be submitted in person or by your representative in our office. Documents can be submitted by their owner or by another person (representative of the owner) without a notarized power of attorney.

To submit documents in our office, an Applicant has to:

1. Fill in an electronic application in advance and make a preliminary appointment (book a time of visit). Booking is available up to one month from the current date. These options become available after registering the Personal Cabinet on this website.

An applicant must create one joint electronic application for all documents he/she wants to submit. For example, you do not need to create different applications for a certificate/diploma and its supplement. To add each subsequent document to the application, click «Add Document».

2. Come to our office with the prepared package of documents at the booked time of reception. In case when the option of time booking of visit is unavailable due to peak load, you may submit the documents in the live queue in accordance with schedule during non-reception hours by using the additional reception service. The Applicant must have his/her own passport and identification code to pay for the receipts. The package of documents you must give to the administrator, also tell him the application number, list of services, the desired processing time.

3. During submitting documents for urgent processing in person, the specialist will determine whether it is the need to send a request to an educational institution or other institution for additional information. The possible terms of processing of your documents will depend on it.

4. After determining the terms, you will receive receipts for payment according to the cost of services, as well as a document with which you can receive your documents.

5. Pay for the order in full and receive a stamp on payment. Work with documents begins the next day after receiving a complete package of documents by specialists of our Center and payment for the order in full.

6. You can track the status of your order:

  • in Personal Cabinet;
  • on the website in the section «Issuance procedure - Readiness check»;
  • by contact telephone numbers, telling the registration number of the application (for example, АZ-11111-20).

7. You can receive the documents according to the schedule of issuance or by ordering the service «Organizing of courier delivery».

To receive the documents, the recipient must have a passport, the original receipt, which the Applicant will receive after submitting the documents. Issuance of documents in the office is available subject to security rules.

We also offer to order the organization of sending of ready documents by courier service. Notify the administrator about this when submitting documents, as well as the address, name and mobile phone of the recipient.